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Medley Counseling, LLC has been a dream of mine since starting my journey as a mental health professional. I have been a practicing mental health professional for over 3 years, but I bring many years of experience with me. My counseling experience comes from my time in the Navy (23 years) and volunteering at a domestic violence shelter (8 years). 

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My Story

Medley counseling came about when I started my journey to become a mental health professional. Before all of that I need to tell the story that led me to become a psychotherapist. 

I'm originally from a small town in downstate New York. Growing up we  never really had much except each other. My parents divorced when I was 8 and both remarried. I did not get along with either of my step-parents. By age 14 I had turned to drugs and alcohol and got into my share of trouble. After changing high schools I settled down a bit and upon graduation I joined the Navy.

The Navy provided me with the discipline I needed to become successful. I was stationed on the USS Saratoga during my first tour and was deployed to the Red Sea during Desert Storm. I lost two friends during this deployment due to a ferryboat accident. Little did I know this incident would shape who I would become.

Shortly after that deployment I met my wife and we settled into the Navy lifestyle. We had two children and finished up a 23 years career. Losing my friends always stuck with me and I would deal with bouts of depression and sleepless nights. 

After retirement I struggled finding employment that was right for me. After getting fed up with not finding the right employment I decided to go to college and get a degree. I started Pennsylvania University of Pennsylvania in 2013 at the age of 44 and received a BS in Human Development and Family Studies. During this time I was able to start reflecting on myself. I had a professor that made me realize I was dealing with survivors guilt which is one of the main criteria for PTSD. I did a lot of reading and self reflection and found the right tools to help me grow past the survivors guilt. 

I then attended California University of Pennsylvania to get my MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling. I focused my studies on working with clients that have significant trauma. Having worked with veterans and domestic violence victims I figured that was an area I would have the greatest impact.

Since graduating I have worked with adolescents and families, spiritual counseling, substance abuse disorders, and a variety of trauma related disorders. After working in the field for three years and getting my license to practice, I decided it was my time to bring my brand of therapy to the private sector. I continue to grow my skills by reading and attending classes to keep up with my required 30 hours a year of continued education. 

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